Departures. Springpad


Not even a year ago I wrote about Catch notes closing up and leaving me hung up to dry.

And today I was “greeted” with an email, saying that my chosen replacement (Springpad) is also saying its farewells.

Seriously? Again?

Yup, time to grab my virtual note baggage and move it to somewhere else again.

The Contenders

They are pretty much the same as they were one year ago:

  • Simplenote. Seems clean, light and multiplatform. There is no migration from Springpad, but it can be a fun pet project
  • Memit. “Fellow” Danes that lack an Android client (although they claim it’s on its way) but they offer a clear migration path from Springpad.

Not so much a contender

  • Evernote. 800 pound gorilla that can (and will) do everything, despite the fatness of their mobile clients. Springpad is practically pushing they ex-users to use their services. It is my last resort.
  • Google Keep. As much as I like Google services, Keep has not evolved as much as I’d like to suit my needs. Their lack of tagging, their the lack of an API to migrate my data and the fact they do not have an iOS app (!) trumps their minimalist web app and sleek Android app.
  • One Note. As much as I like their PC app I am unimpressed (mild, very mild) by their heavy web app, their big-ass Android app and the even beefier iPad app.

What has changed?

Something changed in one year. I do not use an Android tablet regularly anymore.
My main post-PC device is now an iPad Air, hence the increased value of a good iOS application above an Android client.
A good web app remains nonnegotiable, though.

If you know a good replacement that fits my needs, please, let me know:

  • Multiplatform: web app + iOS + Android (in that order of importance)
  • Able to tag and search within tags and content
  • Modest note taking habits. Link hoarding not needed (I have Pocket for that)

Would I consider paying?

After having to pack and move twice… would I consider paying for a service that I going to rarely use?
I don’t think so.
I would rather either change my note-taking habits or, why not? build my own for fun (and no profit).

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