Stepping Forward


People had been asking for it and now it has finally come: .NET Core support for NMoneys and Testing.Commons.

After some disappointing trials with beta tooling and after the release of Visual Studio 2017 I have been able to provide support for those of you that are way ahead of the curve and need currencies and help with tests.


Being released slightly earlier due to NMoneys taking a dependency on it I was able to provide a .NET Standard (netstandard) library for both Testing.Commons and Testing.Commons.NUnit.

Support for other platforms means some sacrifices in terms of functionality due to the smaller API surface of other platforms, but I feel that will not be a big problem.
Besides, it it not that the features are gone, gone for everyone. IT is just that those being “forced” to use the netstandard version won’t be able to see those features, whereas those using the full .NET Framework (net) will continue seeing those features.

Go grab them from and let me know if you find any problems (as I do not use netcore very much myself yet).

Testing.Commons Testing.Commons.NUnit


Much like Testing.Commons, I have included a netstandard-compatible binary for both NMoneys and NMoneys.Exchange, with some of their siblings maybe coming later.

Likewise, there are some stuff missing from the netstandard binary, but I believe it is not something that will bother many people. And again, those features are not gone forever (yet) but just removed from those not use the full framework.

Fetch the packages from Nuget:

NMoneys NMoneys.Exchange