More Nmoneys.Serialization


The release for packages supporting third party serialization libraries of Money instances has already been announced.
Straighforward as their usage might be, or useful the inline comments might be, what was missing was more detailed documentation available on the project homepage. No more.

Lazy summer blogging

Why is telling that one is blogging while on holiday even important? Because it is different this time. It is the first time in some years that I do not have a laptop with me.
The documentation was indeed written online using an iPad Air Wifi with a bluetooth Microsoft Wedge keyboard, and so is this post (using Posts) and I have to say I am pretty pleased so far.

Writing on this smaller keyboard takes some time to get used to and my hands often reach out where the "normal" key would be, but it is night and day as what can be achieved with the on-screen keyboard.

Of course, being a keyboard thought for Windows (and not iOS) and given the lack of customization that Apple's OS offers there are a few oddities. Despite choosing the right keyboard layout (using Win + Space) there are some keys that are "missplaced"; most important are asterisk and curly braces. So one has to revert to clumsy copy and pasting or just play a little game of "find the right key combination". That is probably only a problem for programmers akin to the curly brace cult, as for emails and "normal" writters the Wedge is a wonderful complement with its ingenious stand/keyboard cover and overall portability and feeling of the keys.