What’s not to like of getting latest changes in currencies shortly after they become official?

Welcome EUR

Welcome 2014! That’s is what the good people of Latvia had to say when the year began. Their old Lat will be missed but, on the bright side of things I will be able to use my euros when I come back to that Baltic land.
As a result LVL has been deprecated.

Better name

The (soon to be updated) CLF has changed its native and English name to better align with what the ISO 4217 standard specifies.

Run to get it…

In its (soon to be dead) Google code’s Download Area or better, yet, wait for its Nuget package to be updated.

Changes ahead

The fact that Google’s Code Download Area is going to be phased out opens some doubts about the suitability of the hosting platform.
Using Google Drive is not going to happen. Sorry Google.

I will research alternatives for those few who download the binaries but this are the alternatives I have in mind:

Any other alternatives?

And then?

Let’s see how situation develops, but I cannot but suspect that Google code might be on its way out (like many others Google projects). And that saddens me deeply.
I have no problems whatsoever with SVN hosting or even the Spartan project management features, but… I’ll keep the finger near the trigger.

Just in case. Just. In. Case