Fear not the dishwasher


It finally happened. It took a while, but I did it.
Last week, for the first time in my life, I spilled liquid over an electronic device.
In this case, my keyboard.
It is (not was) a wired Apple keyboard. I have owned it since 2008!

Poor Keyboard

Just imagine my face when chocolate milk (Friday's treat) was all over it. I rushed to unplug its USB cable and proceeded to clean it with kitchen roll. It was not pretty. It was literally dripping milky drops. I could feel all the chocolate below the keys. Surely I could smell it.
Damp clothes. Dry clothes. Nothing. I was not getting totally clean.

The day after was even worse, most keys were sticky as hell. :-(
I had to take a decision:

  1. Take the time to remove the keys and clean it properly
  2. Farewell goodbye and thank its service

I was almost set for 2, but I was talked into 1. I removed the first key: Space Bar. Not easy. That'd take way longer that I want to. Let's go for 2. Waaaait, let's check that thing people call "The Internet" first.

Desperate Measures

What? A dishwasher? Have to be kidding, right?

Keyboards surely send bits to computers. Bits and water do not get along too well, less choco-milk. Well, I am set to buy a new one anyway, so why not?

And so I did, I placed it in the upper tray, not used any detergent and tried (unsuccessfully) to use cold water. Some time later. Open. Door. And a whiter than white keyboard emerged amongst the vapor (to my horror).

Let it dry itself for a couple of days, plug it in. And voilà. A working, clean keyboard with a slightly damaged spacer bar due to my ineptitude.

If it ever happens to you. Try it. It worked for me. It may work for you.

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