DotPeek Launched. Inside assemblies. Part 1


After all turmoil of Reflector becoming paid, time bombs, hijacking and ulterior ghost releases. After companies got their paws in search of profit into was it was a non-market before.
I have recently received the excellent news that the free DotPeek (after a long wait and a pretty good incarnation as a part of Resharper).

As a result I will endeavor myself into writing a comparison between some contenders in the disassembling/decompiling .NET arena from the point of view of my very modest usage patterns and my biased lens as a long-time Reflector 6 (and previous) user.

Introducing the rest of contenders:

JetBrains’s DotPeek

Telerik’s JustDecompile

SharpDevelops’s ILSpy