It…is…not…dead… Yet


Sure not many people know what a Zune player is (and even less own one).
But those who know it and are more or less up to date on what is going on in the Microsoft arena keep reminding me “oh… and by the way, your Zune is dead. Microsoft killed it.”

But it isn’t…

…even though they program us to think it is. A company made a business decision of stop producing a product.

No one killed anyone.
No one knocked on my door with the intention to take away my device.
No one is erasing my devices' content remotely or making it fail on purpose with an invisible remote.

The only thing just happened is that no new units of the product are going to be produced. How that could affect me?

No more device updates

I have not experienced any bugs in my player. So if everything stays as it is I am as happy as I was before the announcement. Besides, when was the last time my player was updated with a major feature? Either I cannot remember or was not a major feature I use. No problem here for me.

No replacements

I think I have been so lucky that I never had to send something to repair after the warranty expired. Sure, devices crashed, but getting a newer device that does much more for a fraction of what the broken device cost or slightly higher than the repair itself was the way to go. Again, not a problem.

No more apps

Is this a joke? Since when app development was a factor for getting a Zune? If that was your case you should have been disappointed way earlier.
I bought my Zune knowing its lousy app support. But I did not need apps. I needed high capacity, good sound quality, lightness and long battery life. I got all of that when I bought it and those features are not going anywhere

No new versions

I like the device that much that when it does not work anymore I would buy the newest version, sure… or not, because a better solution from other vendor will be available, or I simply fancy a change. Besides, one of the biggest assets of the device is being able to use the Zune Marketplace accessible though the Zune software. That is alive, kicking an improving since Microsoft is leveraging its telephony strategy on it. When Microsoft removes support for Zune HD devices for newer versions of the Zune software (if it ever happens) then I will be pissed and I will rant in my blog again. Not now.

There I say it

I could not care less if there are going to be any more Zunes. I am happy with mine. And despite my (already tamed) impulses of getting a second unit as a replacement I have only one thing in my head: Microsoft blew it, once again. They killed a great device. When my beloved sexy Zune dies (let it live a long life) I will go for the best high capacity, longer battery life and lighter device I can get at that time, and sure as hell it won’t be a telephone.

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