On my Way to NDC 2011


There is nothing like having some time to kill and use a random public computer to crystalize your thoughts in the form of a blog post...

I am heading to Oslo for the Norgewian Developers Conference. I am pretty excited and eager to get my sessions going.
I hope I can make it. No, seriously, I mean it.

The reason I am writing this right now and not inside a plane already on my way is due to my legendary bad luck at trips. The flight that was supposed to take me from Sønderborg to Copenhaguen was cancelled some time ago and no one received any notification and so I was not relocated :-O

So now, I have to spend some extra time in a sardine can of an airport, waiting for my trip to be sorted out. Be it a two-legged flight to Oslo or a three-legged with an extra stop at the good city of Aalborg (or so I over-heard). At least they have an Internet connection.

What adventures lie ahead of me? Do not know. but tell my family I love them if I am never to be seen again. Not likely, but airline operations are mysterious in so many ways...