Video on the Run. My take


I do my share of traveling. Besides the 3-hour-commuting-each-way between where I live and where my company is located, I travel on holidays, short trips, relatives/friends visits,…
I like traveling, but it bores me to death: delays, time at the airport, the usual slow mean of transport,…
I also like to keep current in terms of technology and, sadly enough, my time and my company’s money is not infinite to send me to all the events/conferences around the world of any interest to me.

On the bright side, there a lot of those conferences/events are recorded and made available in the internet. On the dark side, not all that content is “downloadable” in the sense that I cannot take it with me even when I have no effective internet connection as some of the content is hosted in video on-demand sites, such as Vimeo and the akin.

As there is a way to view them, there is surely a way to get it downloaded for further entertainment, right? And there is. There are multiple programs that allow getting the videos and some of them allow further conversion of the downloaded video.
Of the ones I have tried so far, my choice is Video Downloader. I works flawlessly with the sites I frequent and its feature-set suits my purposes just fine. And the price tag is not much of a damage for what you get from it.

If you, like me, want to take videos with you to kill the time, I recommend you have a look a that product I think you won’t regret.

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