Wow I cannot possible squeeze more acronyms into a title (God knows I will keep on trying :-p)

Demo Code

You can access the demo code I presented here. I will be happily accepting input and advice to solve the grey areas, mostly how to properly do MVC and how to properly design document databases (and please, please, please advice on RavenDb)


Here goes a handful of links pointing to code examples/frameworks on the subject:

  • The smallest thing it can possibly work (Greg Young) A very good example of the simples system built with CQRS tenets in mind
  • NCQRS (OSS) Provides a framework for .Net that implements more of the plumbing infrastructure code needed for CQRS solutions. It looks very good, but, being a framework, they had some design trade-offs that I do not feel at ease with
  • Fohjin (Mark Nijhof) another sample of implementation full of interesting ideas
  • Lokad CQRS (OSS) promotes CQRS principles for the Azure platform. I have not looked at it yet, but it may be worth looking.
  • Axon Framework (OSS Java) Yes, it is Java, but architectural ideas can be easily translated. And it is pretty mature.

One last thing: many, many thanks for the attendees for all their valuable input and intelligent questions. I had a great time presenting, I hope it was valuable for you as well.
I cannot forget the help for the organizers, keep up the great work and hopefully see you soon for more presentations.