My Take on Android


I have always been a “Windows Mobile guy” (before a “Pocket Pc guy# and in the future I might be a “Windows Phone guy”). I have also had my share of disappointments with this platform and a pleasant comeback with my current device. I am very happy with this device and I will be even more when I install a new ROM to it to renew it completely (thanks XDA Developers, I love you) but when my girlfriend was looking for a replacement for her old Sony Ericsson I turned my eyes to other platforms.

She has completely different requirements than I do and she offers a pretty different profile of user than me. For one, besides being a heavy agenda user she has the need for a couple of medical programs to work as she uses them daily and after a bit of research I found that those two programs are available for Android as well. And then her eyes (and mine) turned to the HTC Hero and she loved it. And so, she got it.

And I have to admit that I have been positively surprised by it. Once the latest official ROM was installed it was smoooooth. It feels terrific in the hand, the screen is very good, almost as good as the one in my Hd and its capacitive technology makes it very sensitive. It also feels very snappier and applications start with no delay.

In terms of software I was overwhelmed by the amount of software (and quality software) that it is available for this relatively new platform. I still miss some applications that are key to me, but I guess it will be a question of time until they come to the platform.

Big question now. Would I consider Android for a future device?

Hell, yes!! It works, it is very attractive, visually appealing and it will only get better in terms of awesome applications as I think that companies are starting to realize the opportunities in it and are starting to support it.

The good thing is that I can continue using my WM device and have hers to play from time to time :-p