My little new "thingy"


And this is a keyboard. And what a keyboard!

It is not that if full of features. It is not that I did not have any keyboards and was writing using my brain or eye-movement or, God forbids, using some sort of speech recognition.

I already had a more than decent external keyboard for my laptops. When I am doing more than reading some web pages I like plugging my laptop to my Samsung 225BW 22" monitor and type using my Genius SlimStar external keyboard.

I like this keyboard very much, it has a great feeling (similar to a good laptop keyboard), it is wired (meaning no batteries and no annoying key delays) and it comes with two USB ports (you can never get enough of them). But it has one problem as of today: it has spanish layout.

More and more I am getting used to danish layout and more and more I need to enter danish characters and more and more I hate the Windows Language Bar.

So when I used the keyboard that was going to become my next keyboard in a computer at the local library, I felt in love instantly. How couldn't I:

Apple Keyboard

Yes, I did it!! That make me less than a quarter of a "switcher", right?.

I love the looks. But it also feels nice in my hands. Nice construction and lovely typing sensation, plus the required USB ports. A bit pricey for what you get, but I needed some "wow factor" in contrast to the dullness of my ThinkPad T60 laptop.

I had my concerns wether it would work for the Windows-only guy that I am nowadays. Now, I know it does. Of course you need some help as some of the keys are missing or are "miss-placed". Nothing that a bit of keyboard mapping and a registry hive export to speed things up can't manage.

The major thing come with the Fn key, that is located right where the Insert key would be, and I do use it all the time while coding with Resharper. It seems that the keyboard does not send it in a standard way and some magic happens in Apple computers. I was not able to map it, but the F13 key is close enough to do the trick.

And it looks nice with my old Toshiba laptop ;-)

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