New Member of the Family


No, it's not that I am to become father.

It was about time to "retire" my old HP iPaq 2210. It's a wonderful machine, I must say, and still works flawlessly. I bought it in USA (from a former colleague) to replace my long-missed Jornada 565 and it has always performed. It has survived two serious falls and still has a wonderful battery life for the use it has.

Of course it will be still in use as GPS as I have a wired GPS unit and also as an organizer for my girlfriend. Her dinosaur iPaq 3660 (that she got from my father) it's showing age problems and its digitizer said "enough is enough" and now it is very hard to type at the edges of the screen, making it virtually unusable.

I have always used my PDA mainly as GPS and e-Book reader, but I have also used it as a MP3 player, gaming (you have to love SCUMMVm and its port to PocketPc/Windows Mobile) and some other uses... like an organizer ;-)

I am no fan of hybrid devices (although I was tempted by the sexy HTC P3600) as I like my phone small (I do not browse using my phone and, if I had to, connecting my phone to the PDA by Bluetooth is perfectly acceptable) and the screen of my eBook reader big. Besides, it's no fun that if your unit has a problem you are short on two devices instead of one.

So I did it. I bought it. I jumped in the VGA wagon. I bought an iPaq 214.

I was to buy it in Canada, but I found that it was going to be a hassle, so when I saw it in at a very reasonable price (still slightly more expensive than the cheapest Canadian prices I had seen) and in stock I couldn't resist.

I also bought a couple of screen protectors and a case from Boxwave (one anti-glare and one Crystal, just in case I don't like one). They are all from the same manufacturer because I heard good reviews from their protectors and they happen to ship the very same case as PDA Air, cheaper and I could save on shipping costs.

I had another aluminum case for the 2210 and I phreaking loved it. Every single gram and millimeter that it adds to the weight and size of the device worth gold when it fells off.

Looking forward to put the baby under stress ;-)

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