DevTeach. Day Two and the Half


Day two was a bit too long and it was going to get lengthier if I included the extra session as well.

Soooo, yes, there was an extra session.

After a pretty exhausting day, I had energy to join the guy's of .Net Rocks and the panellists: Ted Neward, Oren Eini and Scott Bellware, for a discussion on .Net, it's future and Open Source.

I already said I am no fan of podCasts, but from the few ones I have listened, majority were from .Net Rocks shows.

The experience was good, cold beers while listening a bunch of techies may not sound like a perfect plan for an evening in Toronto, but I am sort of an easy-to-entertain, dull character :-p

I enjoyed the experience. I  laughed hard with some of Ted's and Scott's jokes, but the lack of blue badge guys, which was announced but none showed up, made discussion close to non-existent as the panellists more or less agreed on every term.

Very interesting points of view and arguments, but it quickly turned into a rant-on-a-Microsoft-product show. And not that they don't have reasons to bash M$. They do have aplenty.

At last Oren said the Ms product he was complaining about (for not been source control friendly) is... No, I am not going to say which one is. It's better is you listen to the show and if you pay enough attention you might hear one guy in the second row with a wonderful  laughter and a not less wonderful smile :-D