Yes, after some years I finally step up and contribute to the already over-crowded blog-o-sphere.
And since I am new in this neighbourhood I think you all deserve a not-so-formal introduction. Well... here it goes:

My name is Daniel González García and as my surnames (two) can't deny, I come from Spain.
I am also a computer engineer (whatever that means) and, as my not-so-catchy subtitle reads, I am focused in development with Microsoft technologies (mostly .Net).

I won't bore you (already doing) with details, but just a couple of strokes: born in Madrid, living in Århus (Denmark), I have also lived in London and I plan to live in some oher places if I am lucky enough.

This blog is not about me, so you won't find here if my nose is runny or if I bought a new car. This blog is about technology.
Technology and gadgetery. My rants, frustrations but also joy and satisfactions with bits, bytes and electricity-powered devices will have place here.

English? Yup.
Why not Spanish? Well, it's about technology, right? And 99% percent of what I touch is in english and I can also target a broader audience this way (if anyone listening). So... Question closed. I'll do my best not to trash Shakespeare's language so much, but if I do, my apologies in advance.

But why? Because I feel I have something to share, small as it might be... and it's in my New Year's resolutions :-p

Hope you enjoy the content

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